Lab-Grown Diamonds

Beauty Meets Sustainability

99% of our diamonds are natural but Bailey’s now offers Lab Grown diamonds as well! Grown diamonds are an incredible value and boast many economic and stylish benefits, including being friendly towards the environment, 20-40% less expensive than natural diamonds and mined in a socially-responsible manner. Because of these factors, Bailey’s is proud to boast such a lovely collection of lab-grown diamonds for your next special piece of fine jewelry.

What are some benefits of lab-created diamonds?


Not only do lab-created diamonds look stunning, but they offer many other benefits including:

  • Conflict Free – A socially responsible form of harvesting diamonds, grown diamonds are created in a controlled lab that abides by ethical principles and doesn’t harm the earth or individuals around it.
  • More Economical – The quality of these diamonds are just as beautiful–if not more so–than natural diamonds, but offered at a fraction of the cost.
  • Better for the Environment – The mining of diamonds is 7 times more harsh on the environment than lab-grown diamonds. Impacts on the soil, air quality and water usage are all results from earth-mining. Because grown diamonds are created in a lab, there isn’t any of the effects on the environment.
  • Identical Qualities – All lab-grown diamonds are graded with the same high standards as earth-mined diamonds. Grown diamonds possess the same physical and chemical properties as natural diamonds, in fact–the difference is indistinguishable even under a microscope.

What You Need to Know: Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What’s the difference between man-made and natural diamonds?

A: The difference lies in the scientific process in which these diamonds are created. Natural diamonds are formed beneath the earth’s crust resulting from extreme pressure over millions of years. Lab created diamonds are man-made, starting with a small diamond seed placed in a high-tech pressure chamber containing carbon. By recreating the intense heat and pressure of nature, the diamond grows layer by layer. Approximately 10-12 weeks later a diamond is formed.  Lab-Grown diamonds are physically, optically, and chemically identical to earth-mined diamonds. Indistinguishable by even the most experienced gemologists. Only very expensive and sophisticated equipment can positively differentiate between the two.

Q: What is the process?

A: These man-made diamonds are created the exact same way that natural diamonds form, only the process is sped up to yield beautiful looking diamonds in a matter of weeks, rather than millions of years.

Q: What impact does mining vs. being grown in a lab have on the environment?

A: Traditionally, the mining of diamonds in other countries tears up thousands of acres of soil. Because these diamonds are created inside of a lab, there is no disruption of nature. Earth-mined diamonds cause a high amount of air pollution and use about 127 gallons per carat, equaling out as 7 times more harmful to the earth compared to grown diamonds.

Q: What is the appraisal process?

A: Most lab-grown diamonds larger than 0.25 carats come with a grading certificate. At Bailey’s, we’re happy to put together an appraisal that best fits your needs based on the information we receive from the certificate.

Q: Where can I find lab-grown diamonds?

A: Bailey’s Fine Jewelry is proud to offer this revolutionary alternative to traditional mined diamonds and we encourage you to make an appointment to experience the sparkle in person. We guarantee you’ll love the way they look–and your wallet will thank you!

Q: What kind of quality are these lab-grown diamonds?

A: Similarly to diamonds mined from the earth, each diamond varies in color and clarity grades. These diamonds are classified as Type IIa crystals, which make up 1-2% of all natural diamonds. They’re almost devoid of any impurities, so each cut you’re viewing is truly exceptional.


Shop Lab-Grown Diamonds at Bailey’s!

Bailey’s is proud to offer gorgeous, socially-responsible and eco-friendly cultured diamonds to delight you or a loved one in your next piece of jewelry. Whether you’re thinking about popping the question with a beautiful lab-grown engagement ring, or are looking to add sparkle to your wardrobe with a pair of synthetic diamond studs, turn to the experts at Bailey’s.