Omega Watches

Innovative watchmaking is the cornerstone of Omega’s heritage, but it is inspired by sports timekeeping, space conquests, advocacy of charitable organizations and their role in support of the world’s favorite spy, James Bond. Omega watches have been worn by presidents and kings, astronauts, spies, and movie stars. For over 160 years, the skilled artisans of Omega have produced timepieces that continually set the global standards for watchmaking design.


The Constellation collection, OMEGA’s distinguished line of luxurious, Swiss‑made watches, is a symbol of classic sophistication. Admired for its elegant design and matchless artistry, the Constellation encompasses an impressive variety of designs that complement any style. Discover the heritage of these iconic watches and uncover your perfect model – each crafted at the peak of horological finesse.


Born in 1948, the Seamaster collection possess an exquisite range of timepiece designs, each with their own distinct style and purpose. From the classic elegance of the Aqua Terra to the ingenious functionality of the Diver 300M, there is a model to suit every taste and need. Celebrated for their exceptional craftsmanship and innovative technology, these watches have earned their place among the most popular in the world.


Discover the legendary Speedmaster collection, OMEGA’s esteemed line of luxury, Swiss‑made watches. With a rich heritage in space exploration, the Speedmaster boasts unparalleled precision and style, with diverse models that each offer distinct features and designs. Unravel the captivating history behind these iconic timepieces and find your perfect Speedmaster watch – a famous mark of true horological excellence.

De Ville

The De Ville collection, OMEGA’s prestigious range of luxurious, Swiss‑made watches, is a symbol of contemporary refinement. Celebrated for its sleek design and masterful craftsmanship, the De Ville line presents a diverse ensemble of models, catering to every discerning taste. Discover the captivating charm of these distinguished timepieces and uncover your ideal watch – crafted with the essence of modern elegance.

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