Engagement Ring Upgrade

Love Grows, Your Diamond Should Too

Whether you’re celebrating an anniversary, looking for a bigger stone, or you’re just ready for a change, Bailey’s Fine Jewelry can help you upgrade your engagement ring. Even though you may choose a new diamond, your ring will still be just as special as before. Upgrades are an amazing way to celebrate all that you’ve accomplished together and how your love has grown.

With our upgrade options, we can incorporate your original diamond into a new design, or re-purpose it into a custom-jewelry piece you can wear and enjoy. We know how meaningful your first diamond is. Read about all our options below!

Engagement Ring Upgrades

Diamond Upgrade

In its simplest form, a diamond upgrade is selecting a different diamond and placing it into your current ring. You can choose a different shape, size, quality, or color diamond. It’s up to you! If the new diamond you select does not fit into your current setting we can alter it in our Bailey’s Custom Workshop or you can select a new setting as well. 

If you bought your diamond at Bailey’s, you may trade in your diamond at any time for a diamond of greater value! The full value of your original diamond (excluding sales tax) will be credited toward your purchase of a new diamond.

Re-Set Your Diamond

Love your diamond, but looking for a little something different? Why not keep the diamond you have and select a new setting or have one custom-made in our Bailey’s Custom Workshop? We have an amazing selection of settings to choose from, or our jewelers can create a new design that incorporates your original diamond, even if you pick out a new diamond (or two!) to go with it! 

Pick Out A Whole New Diamond Ring 

If you’re looking for a brand-new diamond ring you’re in luck. Come browse our amazing selection of diamond rings in every shape, size, and color. We’ll help you pick out the ring of your dreams!

*Lab Grown Diamonds are excluded from Bailey’s Trade-ins and Upgrades.

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