Your Anniversary Gift Guide

A Modern-Day Treasure For Every Milestone

Is your anniversary right around the corner? Take a break from the outdated yearly anniversary gifts (how do you find a gift made of tin anyway?) and surprise your true love with a contemporary treasure from Bailey’s Fine Jewelry located in Raleigh, Greenville and Rocky Mount, North Carolina. Each store is fully stocked with beautiful surprises like designer jewelry, Rolex watches and giftware, making it simple to find the perfect present for your significant other. Check out some of our favorite gift ideas below!

1 Year Anniversary Gifts

For your first-year anniversary gift, we recommend swapping out paper for pearls. Like paper, pearls are delicate, but when cared for properly, they maintain their lustrous glow for life. Whether or not your partner already owns a pair of pearl studs, Bailey’s offers a beautiful selection to satisfy every woman’s need for this classic accessory. But don’t stop there! Nothing goes better with pearls than a dazzling pendant or strand to match. Visit your nearest location and shop our selection today!

5 Year Anniversary Gifts

The traditional five-year gift is wood or silverware and let’s face it, silverware probably isn’t top of her list. One of our favorite gifts for the five-year milestone is an anniversary band from Bailey’s. If your bride is currently rocking a basic wedding band, now’s your chance to add some pizazz to her hand by upgrading to a beautiful diamond accessory. If she already has a diamond band, feel free to get creative! Nothing looks better than an engagement ring nestled between two diamond bands, plus, diamond bands can start as low as $275. Don’t forget to ask about our financing options to help you find something that fits her style and your budget.

10 Year Anniversary Gifts

Ten years of marriage is something to be celebrated, and from our perspective, tin just doesn’t seem worthy of ten years of love. A creative way to celebrate this anniversary (or any other), is to use the number as a guide. For example, for ten years of marriage, find a piece of jewelry that incorporates ten beautiful stones; maybe a diamonds by the yard necklace with ten sparkling diamonds. Still stuck? Bailey’s also offers custom jewelry design so you can work with one of our award-winning jewelry designers to create something that’s personalized and carries sentimental value.

20+ Years Anniversary Gifts

Nothing is more celebratory than 20+ years of love, and what better way to commemorate an impressive milestone than with a beautiful upgraded diamond ring from Bailey’s Fine Jewelry? If she’s had the same diamond ring since the day she said “I do,” then now is the perfect time to surprise her with an updated design to match her personal style and your very own love story. Bailey’s offers an impressive selection of diamonds, bands, cuts and more so she can feel truly special on your anniversary.

It’s no secret here at Bailey’s that we love celebrating love. That’s why we offer a large selection of gifts, jewelry and more to help you honor those special moments and milestones in life. Visit one of our four locations today and our knowledgeable team members will be happy to assist you in finding the perfect gift. Happy hunting!

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