The Three Things You Should Be Doing with Your Engagement Ring

At Bailey’s, we’re all about the Bailey Box Moments in life. Those moments that defy time, that you’ll tell your kids and grandkids about for years to come. We’re so fortunate to be a part of so many of those moments and engagements and weddings are among our favorites! But after the big day when life returns to its daily routines, it’s easy to just view your engagement ring as something you wear each day without giving it much additional thought.  Here are three things you really should be doing with your ring after the big day.


  1. Get it appraised and insured.

Getting your ring appraised is one of the most important things you can do and one most people forget. While many companies offer appraisals, it’s vital that the appraisal is completed by a Certified Gemologist. As an American Gem Society (AGS) Accredited Gem Lab, Bailey’s is required to have a Certified Gemologist on staff at all times and state of the art gemological testing equipment is required for the lab to be accredited.  There are fewer than 500 Accredited Gem Labs in all of North America, so having your appraisal done by Bailey’s provides protection and assurance for you and your ring. You can learn more about Bailey’s appraisal services here.

Once our Gemologist has completed the appraisal, you can provide that value to your insurance company or an insurance company specific to jewelry. Getting the ring appraised every three to five years will keep your insurance rate accurate.

  1. Remove with care.

We know most people keep their ring on 24/7 and that’s, without a doubt, the best protection against losing it. There are a few select times, however, when you’ll want to remove your ring – when cleaning or using harsh chemicals that could harm the ring or playing sports or any other activity where your ring could risk getting scratched or dinged. For those rare times you need to take your ring off, always place it in the same container in the same place and be sure to remove it by the band, not the jewel.

  1. Get it professionally cleaned at least once a year.

While at-home cleanings are fine for quick touch-ups, you should get your ring professionally cleaned at least once a year. You may think your ring looks fine, but you’ll be shocked at how much better it will look after a cleaning. A clean diamond not only reflects light better, it actually looks bigger than one that’s been “dulled” by skin oils, soap, cosmetics and cooking grease. Diamonds have an affinity for grease and should be cleaned once every month or so at home, and at least once a year professionally, to keep on glowing their brightest. Bailey’s offers a professional cleaning at no cost, so be sure to stop by to get your ring back to its original sparkle.


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