Spring Sprucing

Sping is finally here—or at least trying to—and that means it’s time for spring cleaning… or maybe just a little spring sprucing! Spring sprucing is an easy way to reinvent your space when it’s time to leave the winter doldrums behind! With a few easy additions, you can bring that spring feeling indoors!


One of the easiest ways to perk up your space? Fresh flowers. They seem to make a room seem livelier. Fresh flowers are relatively inexpensive, easy to change out, and they take a space from good to great in a matter of minutes. Fresh Market and Whole Foods are some of our go-to’s for a bouquet on the go. We also rely on Kelly Odom for his expertise!  Kelly is great at putting together FABULOUS arrangements that complement your space.  Since we’re focused on spring, let’s talk about the greatest spring flower: peonies. Lush, romantic, and big enough to hold their own, peonies are ONLY available during the spring so you have to make use of them NOW…or else you’re out of luck till next year.  Mix some pinks and whites and you’ve got yourself a centerpiece and a spruced home for spring!












Speaking of mixing, let’s talk about throw pillows. As big fans of symmetry it’s easy to want everything to be balanced all. the. time. But thanks to A LOT of inspiration from Furbish Studio and their Dare to Mix tagline, it’s time to buck the symmetry and mix it up! Furbish has some of the best printed/textured/colorful pillows we’ve ever seen and it’s hard not to want all of them. We love the pink Greek key, a wonderful layering option as well as the bright Suzani print pillow that pairs perfectly with it. When looking to mix prints, think of layering as a way to bring it all together. If you keep a consistent palate, you’ll have a winning look that’s perfectly unsymmetrical!

Furbish pillow 2 Furbish pillow










If you’re looking to add a little personality to a room, look no further than your lamps! We find lamps are an easy way to add a little funkiness to a room. A big trend right now is mercury glass. This awesome look adds not only texture but sparkle to any room. Paired with a classic white lampshade, you can’t go wrong. We also love patterned lamp shades. You can go as crazy as you want as long as the base is kept neutral.











Some of our favorite trends in home décor can be seen on mirrors— particularly lacquer and gold—and mirrors are a great way to add some light and create space in your room. Lacquer has come back in a BIG WAY—next thing you know we’ll be wearing lacquered clothes— and this modern look will help a room feel instantly refreshed. The orange lacquered mirror we’ve featured would look great mixed with a blue and white color scheme. Gold has become a staple accent in many updated spaces and we love the shine that comes from a gold mirror. Even a hint of gold will pop in a space and when you add it to a mirror, you’ve created a winning combination. Vintage gold mirrors are a favorite of ours and can be found at many of the antique shops around town. These are two trends that are sure to hang around for a while so don’t be afraid to invest in something you love!











We hope we’ve given you some great new ideas for your space and inspired you to do some spring sprucing! Hopefully we won’t be waiting too much longer for spring to actually make its grand entrance. Like any good Southern lady, she’s fashionably late!


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