How To Get Your Partner’s Ring Size…Without Them Knowing!

Sneaky & Creative Ways To Finding The Right Fit

Planning a surprise proposal already has its challenges, and the added pressure of finding your partner’s correct ring size can make it super tricky. Don’t worry, you’re not alone! To help all you soon-to-be proposers, Bailey’s Fine Jewelry is sharing our top tricks to ensure you find the right size without them knowing. And if you’re still searching for the perfect diamond, be sure to visit Bailey’s located in Rocky Mount, Greenville and Raleigh, North Carolina and shop our beautiful selection of engagement rings and wedding bands.

Secretly Borrow A Piece Of Their Jewelry

Let’s be honest, this is one of the oldest (and most reliable) tricks in the book and, lucky for you, it isn’t too high-risk. Here’s how it works: When your significant other is out of town or gone for the majority of the day, secretly sneak one of their rings from their jewelry box.

Once the ring is secure, stop by your nearest Bailey’s location and our jewelry experts will help determine the proper ring size for your partner. Pro tip: A person’s dominant hand might be larger than their less dominant and each of their fingers will have a different ring size, so choosing a ring they wear on their actual ring finger will help our jewelers tremendously!

woman looking at a wedding ring with help from a jeweler

Get Creative…Literally

Don’t want to risk losing one of their rings? Simply take the ring and place it on a piece of paper. Draw a circle on the inside and outside of the ring. Do this several times to make sure that your ring traces look consistent. Once you feel confident about your sketch, drop it off at your nearest Bailey’s Fine Jewelry. Our talented jewelers can figure out the diameter of the ring from your drawing!

drawing a picture of a ring with a pencil and paper

Bring In Backup

Let’s face it, having the ring size discussion with your partner is too obvious. It’s much easier to have their friend bring it up in conversation—and while they’re on the topic, your partner may drop some hints, so make sure their ears are open!

Want to take it a step further? Have their friend invite them to go shopping (who can say no to that?) and as they walk by a jewelry store, they can drop in just for fun. Looking for a more straightforward approach? Have your partner’s best friend flat out ask them! After all, it is a BFF’s duty to make sure they get the ring of their dreams.

best friends forever sitting and laughing outside

Measure Their Finger While They Sleep

Warning: This option is for the true daredevils. If you have a deep sleeper on your hands, this can be an awesome way to figure out your partner’s ring size. Here’s how it works: While they’re sleeping, take a simple string, piece of paper or something you can use to measure their finger. Don’t forget to wrap it around their ring finger on their left hand so you get an accurate measurement. If you don’t get it the first night, no biggie! It might take you a couple tries to get it just right.

woman sleeping on a brown bed

Don’t Stress! It Can Always Be Resized

If you simply can’t figure out the size or you don’t want to risk it, not a problem! Besides, when it comes to finding the right fit, the most important thing is that it’s close and perfect it later. Bailey’s Fine Jewelry, located in Raleigh, Rocky Mount, and Greenville, North Carolina offers a variety of services including ring sizing. Whether the ring is slightly too big or too small, our skilled jewelers will work with you and your partner to ensure the final ring size is perfect!


man putting diamond ring on woman's finger

At Bailey’s Fine Jewelry, we understand a lot goes into planning the perfect proposal, that’s why we want to help in any way we can. For exclusive perks like free sizing and cleaning, check out our Bailey’s benefits! To learn more about our engagement rings, bands or on-site services, visit one of our four locations today.

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