Bailey’s Love Tips: 9 Ways to Show Your Valentine You Appreciate Them 

Bailey’s Love Tips: 9 Ways to Show Your Valentine You Appreciate Them 

Love is in the air and cupid is taking aim! Valentine’s season is upon us and you’re in luck because at Bailey’s were in the love business! We’re here to help you make your special someone feel loved, appreciated, and cherished! Just follow these simple tips and they’ll be asking you to “be mine?” in no time! 


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Take a Chore off Their List.

Life is hectic and there is always something to be done. Give your partner a little extra peace by going out of the way to take something off their plate. Do a load of laundry for them or take their car for a wash! This little something is a supportive way to let them know you care.

Give them a Gift Card to Their Favorite Coffee Shop.

This little pick me up is sure to help them perk up! Don’t know their favorite coffee shop? Jubala and Benelux Coffee are both great local Raleigh spots. 

Let Them Have Some “Me” Time.

I know what you’re thinking, Valentine’s day should be about celebrating your love and spending time together, but sometimes your partner might just need a little quiet time. Take the kids out for the day or even just the afternoon and let your partner have some time on their own to rest and recuperate.

Write A Love Note.

Sneak a handwritten love note into their car, work bag, or somewhere they will find it during their day! Let them know how much you love them and that you appreciate all they do. It will be a pleasant surprise when they find it!

Cook Their Favorite Meal or Pickup Takeout From Their Favorite Restaurant.

Nothing says “I Love You” like delicious food! 

Give Them a Massage!

Helping your valentine fight off back pain and stress is sure to make them feel loved! If massages aren’t your thing then gift them a day at the spa! The Spa at The Umstead Hotel is a great place to rest and relax!

Make Them a Valentine’s Day Gift Basket of All Their Favorite Things!

Buy up their favorite snacks, drinks, candies, soaps, candles, or whatever they like, and put it in the basket. Bonus points if you throw in a thoughtful card! They’ll not only appreciate all the treats you got them but also that you remembered all their favorites. 

Say I Love You.

Showing your other half you appreciate them doesn’t have to be hard! Keep it simple! Let your loved one know you love them. Tell them in the morning, tell them in the afternoon, you can even tell them after they finish working out and don’t smell that great! Just let them know! 

Plan a Surprise Weekend Getaway!

Book a hotel or Airbnb and get out of town for a few days! Make sure their calendar is clear, let them know what to pack, and then drive them to the surprise destination of your choice! You’ll get to spend lots of quality time together and your partner will appreciate that you took the time to plan a trip for the two of you. 

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Making your spouse or significant other feel loved and appreciated is simple as can be, and we’ll let you in on a secret: Every Woman Wants a Bailey Box, ESPECIALLY on Valentine’s Day! Make sure to check out our Valentine’s Day Gift Guide if you need some inspiration! 

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