Bailey’s Love Tips: The Ultimate Guide to Nesting for Newlyweds

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Just beyond the rush of your engagement, wedding, and honeymoon comes another phase in your life that is a little less busy but just as special: being newlyweds. Whether you are starting your married life together in a brand new home or making a few updates to your current abode, there is nothing better than settling in with your new spouse after a whirlwind of big events.

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Much like your wedding, your first home together as newlyweds should represent your personality and style as a couple. Finding the home, furniture, decor and finishing touches that feel natural to both of you is all part of nesting. During this time, it’s more important than ever to keep one another in mind. This can mean registering for gifts that you both love, choosing a color scheme that incorporates both of your styles, or even stocking your kitchen with each other’s favorite snacks!

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Our friends at have laid out all of the steps to adjusting to married life together in their recent blog about nesting for newlyweds. From finding the right home to setting your budget as a couple, and ensuring you joyfully navigate all of your marriage “firsts” together, this guide is chock-full of great advice. Even if you aren’t a newlywed, this guide has great tips on building a happy home with your spouse or loved ones. 

Click to read the article on nesting for newlyweds!

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