Bailey’s Love Tips: 25 Sweet & Simple Things To Do For Someone You Love

We know Valentine’s Day is over but showing someone love is a year-round commitment. For this month’s Bailey’s Love Tips we created a list of 25 simple things to do for the special someone in your life. Even if you tell someone you love them everyday, what truly conveys how you feel is the way you put your words into action. This month, think of some small things to do to show your partner how you feel.

  1. Cook their favorite meal for dinner
  2. Rub their shoulders after a long day
  3. Take up a task they hate doing (doing the dishes, laundry, mowing the lawn, etc)
  4. Draw them a doodle, even if you aren’t an artist
  5. Get a small gift that ties to an inside joke
  6. Send them a text in the middle of the day to let them know you are thinking of them
  7. Print off a picture of the two of you, write down something you love about them and clip it to the fridge
  8. Make a fort and invite them in
  9. Surprise picnic
  10. Drop off a homemade lunch at their work
  11. Bring them flowers or a succulent for their desk
  12. Write them a handwritten letter
  13. Surprise date to their favorite restaurant
  14. Leave them a voice mail with a sweet message
  15. Make them a playlist of songs that remind you of them
  16. Tape an encouraging note to their workout bag or desk
  17. Compliment them on something new
  18. Stay home for movie night, let them choose the movie
  19. Put on some music and asked them to dance
  20. Wear their favorite cologne/perfume
  21. Write “I love you” on the mirror
  22. Try to learn something new about them
  23. Give an unexpected hug
  24. Spell their name out in Skittles or M&Ms on the kitchen table
  25. Hide a list of compliments in their bag or jacket

No matter what you choose to do, keep in mind sometimes the simplest things are the sweetest.

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