5 Low Pressure Valentine’s Day Proposal Ideas

January 10th, 2018

How to make it special, without all the fuss

The stakes are high on Valentine’s Day, and that’s just with the pressure of giving a well thought out gift! But if you’re wanting to pop the question and still have a low-key, yet exciting, way of expressing your love, we’ve got a few ideas that won’t break the bank–and are just as romantic as an over-the-top gesture.

Cook a Delicious Meal Together

Find a new recipe (or an old favorite) to cook for your loved one. The meal itself doesn’t have to be fancy, but make sure you create an ambiance. Consider dressing the table with candles and rose petals–anything to make it seem like this isn’t any ordinary dinner at home. During your meal, talk about your favorite memories during the relationship and how excited you are about a future together. When you feel the time is right in the evening, whip out the ring and get down on one knee!

Leave a Trail of Candy Conversation Hearts

What says Valentine’s Day more than colorful candy conversation hearts? Buy a few boxes and plan out a trail ending in you down on one knee. Think about leaving the first heart right as they open the front door, and lead them into a room with flowers, candles and yourself. Of course, this will have to be set up beforehand, but the outcome will be well worth the wait.

Design a Charm Bracelet With a Message

Stop into Bailey’s Fine Jewelry and create a custom PANDORA bracelet with the phrase, “Marry Me?” displayed in letter charms. As seen on The Knot, Wrap it up and present it as a sweet gift on Valentine’s Day. Not only will she be surprised when she opens the box, but she’ll be able to wear it as a keepsake forever!

Draw Out Your Story With Sidewalk Chalk

If you both are kids at heart, this may be the perfect way to pop the question. Grab some colorful pieces of chalk and decorate the driveway with hearts and those four important words, “Will You Marry Me?” This way, when your sweetheart drives home, they’ll pull into a proposal!

Travel to a Meaningful Place (Around Town)

If you two lovebirds have a special place where your relationship began, whether among the flowers at Duke Gardens or in front of a food truck in downtown Raleigh, consider taking them back to that same spot to reflect on the good times. Once you’ve spent a little time reminiscing, grab the ring box out of its hiding place and pop the question!

Take Our Advice!

Proposing on Valentine’s Day doesn’t have to break the bank, in fact, it can be the perfect intimate setting where you take the next step in your relationship. If you need help finding the perfect ring, the diamond experts here at Bailey’s can’t wait to take you through this exciting (and stress-free!) process. Contact us today with any questions, we can’t wait to assist you.