Elite Diamond Selection

Our Bailey's on-location Diamond Sightholder gives us first access to the world's finest gems straight from the source.

Elite Diamond Selection

Our Bailey's on-location Diamond Sightholder gives us first access to the world's finest gems straight from the source.

Our Diamond Sightholder partnership allows us to follow the diamond from source to sparkle

Wider Diamond Selection Closer to Home!

Sightholders are the best in the world at selecting rough diamonds so our unique partnership makes Bailey’s even better equipt to help you find your perfect sparkle as we now have access to an even wider inventory of stunning diamonds.

Diamond Sightholders are Rare

Sightholders are highly specialized diamond dealers that have first access to rough diamonds straight from the mine source.  There are only 70 of them globally making our partnership an unparalleled advantage for you.

Bailey's Exceptional Standards

Required to demonstrate both outstanding business performance and ethical accountability, Diamond Sightholders are few and far between. These same standards mirror our Bailey’s values, making this a perfect diamond partnership.

Leading Experts in the Diamond Industry

Here at Bailey’s, we are committed to helping you find your perfect diamond. Having a highly specialized diamantaire on-site is a cutting-edge partnership giving you options that no other jeweler can.

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What is a Diamond Sightholder?

A Diamond Sightholder is a highly-specialized gemologist. They are the only entities given the unique opportunity to purchase rough diamonds in bulk straight from the diamond source. Global Diamond Sightholder sales are rare and happen only 10 times a year. These sales are known as ‘Sights’ because, during the sales period, Sightholders are able to inspect diamonds offered to them before deciding what to buy. Very few are allowed access to purchase diamonds at these events, one of them being Sightholders.

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Why is this important?

There are tens of thousands of jewelry entities all over the world and only 70 hold the distinction of being a Sightholder. Bailey’s is the only jewelry store that shares an on-site partnership with one of those 70 Sightholders. This gives Bailey’s Fine Jewelry first access to the largest selection of highly sought-after loose diamond inventory before any other jeweler. Allowing Baileys the chance to provide you with even more options to find your perfect diamond. No matter your desired carat weight, clarity, or cut, Bailey’s can supply you with the best selection of diamonds at the best value.

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Why Buy Your Diamond at Bailey’s?

We’ve been voted Best Jeweler year after year for so many reasons! Our wealth of knowledge, one of the largest selections of high-quality diamonds in the country, and our top-tier diamond connections are just a few of the reasons in addition to all of our amazing Bailey’s benefits! Just to name a few:

  • First access to the world’s finest diamonds straight from the mines.
  • L.A Studio in the center of the diamond industry’s world hub.
  • FREE Lifetime Cleaning, Inspection & Sizing
  • FREE Complimentary Appraisal
  • 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee
  • 15% Discount on Wedding Bands
  • 100 Day Price Protection
  • Lifetime Limited Warranty

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