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Your Wedding Might be Postponed, But #LoveIsNotCanceled

At Bailey’s, we feel so deeply for all the couples postponing their weddings due to COVID-19. To provide some support during this unfamiliar time we’ve collected everything you need to know about wedding postponements and planning during this time. 

First Things First

Contact your venue to pick a new date and then coordinate with your original vendors to see if they can accommodate the date change.

Making these rearrangements might be tricky, but you can do this! In her article “You’ve Decided to Postpone Your Wedding. Now What?” author Kim Forrest recommends keeping an open mind and not sweating the small stuff: 

Your wedding doesn’t have to take place on a Saturday, doesn’t have to occur during a certain month, doesn’t have to have the “right” color scheme, doesn’t have to have a perfect seasonal menu to be amazing.” 

We think she couldn’t be more right! Color schemes and menus don’t make weddings amazing, the love you share with your spouse to be and those who support you does. 

Use a Little Help from Your Friends

If things start to feel too overwhelming enlist the help of your bridesmaids. They love you and are there to help! Set up a FaceTime Call or group video chat while you’re all sipping on a glass of wine! Make it fun! Figure out what needs to be done, and delegate tasks. There is power in numbers!

You can also call the WeddingWire hotline at 833-998-2865 to find resources that can offer assistance during this challenging situation.

Notify Your guests

It’s a good idea to email your guests, update your wedding website, and/or send new save-the-dates as soon as possible, when postponing your wedding. Samantha Iacia from Wedding Wire offers a couple of helpful suggestions on how to word your updates in her article “How to Word Your Wedding Postponement Announcement.”

Catch Up on Planning

There is still plenty of wedding planning you can do from home. Use your extra time at home to tie up any loose ends. Don’t let quarantine get you down! Call your caterer to see if you can arrange an at-home tasting, create your wedding playlist, or even take a virtual dance class. 

Consult this handy guide by to figure out all the questions you should be asking your vendors in light of COVID-19 and get to work! Check out these “10 Wedding Tasks You Can Do From Home Right Now” for more ideas. 

Don’t Forget the Registry 

Once you’ve done all the hard stuff, its time to treat yourself to some shopping. Being stuck at home is a great opportunity to create your bridal registry. Nothing cheers us up quite like browsing Anna Weatherley fine china or picking out the perfect Herend figurine!

What Really Matters

In summary, your family, friends, and new spouse are what will make your wedding amazing. Having a summery bouquet at a fall wedding can’t ruin your big day, because no one will notice (except maybe that one snooty great aunt), and because no matter what, it’s YOUR big day! It’s your day to be surrounded by people who love you and to celebrate the relationship you’ve worked to build with your partner! Your wedding might be postponed, but love is most certainly not canceled. #Loveisnotcanceled

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