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Why Bailey’s Beats the Internet


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By purchasing a diamond online there is no chance to “try before you buy” – in order to see the diamond in person, you have to buy it. This increases the risk of purchasing a diamond that is not what you, the consumer,  wants.

The Gemological Institute of America (GIA),  the foremost authority in the world in diamond education and creator of the modern diamond report, teaches students to always see diamonds and compare before you buy. Never buy a diamond based solely on the GIA report or certificate.

In addition, online sites have little to no warranty available to the consumer. If you are unhappy with your diamond, the return process is inconvenient, long and tedious via the Internet and expensive due to shipping charges. There are countless horror stories of online customers not getting what was depicted online including treated diamonds and fracture-filled diamonds. Last but not least, the Internet is known for having diamonds that retailers around the world have rejected.

At Bailey’s, we can size, set, inspect, clean and service your ring on-site, preventing the hassle of shipping to online retailers for the same services. At Bailey’s, we give you the time and attention necessary to make one of the most significant purchases of your life.

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