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Tips to Protect Your Jewelry While You Travel

Have you been bitten by the travel bug? With warmer temperatures melting winter away, we’re ready for spring break and summer vacations! Worry warts might tell you it’s best to leave all of your jewelry at home when you travel, but let’s be real – accessorizing is half the fun! So bring your bling, but consider these tips for traveling safely with fine jewelry.


Pack Smart

Before you depart for your magical adventure, pack with accidents inmind. Consider packing a few earrings and rings you can rewear, so you can worry about less of your collection being lost or stolen. All the best vacations require an elegant night or two, where nothing but the real deal will do!  For all your necessary statement pieces, we suggest investing in packing cubes and jewelry cases to ensure your favorite pieces arrive untangled and unscathed.

Make Sure You’re Covered

Whether you’re traveling domestically or outside the country, it’s pretty easy to spot a tourist. While you don’t want to think about pickpockets and thieves on your trip, precautions are necessary so you don’t get taken advantage of. Before you take off, insure the jewelry you plan to travel with if it is expensive or sentimental. Some plans will not cover lost or damaged items outside of the country, so be sure to double check with your agent!

Flying Solo

As fun as it is to wear all your sparklies in public, it might be easier to flash your favorite jewels once you reach your destination. Maneuvering through airport or ship security will be much easier without large hoops, chains or rings to worry about. This will also prevent you from being a high-end target for criminals.

Keep it With You

If you’ve ever landed in an airport and can’t find your luggage, then you know the horrific feeling of being without your bags. Travel buffs know the best way to guarantee peace of mind is to pack a change of clothes and all the essentials – including valuables, passports, and jewelry – in your carry on bag that does not leave your side.

Locked & Loaded

Once you arrive at your destination, you might consider using a safe to store your valuable belongings. Ask the front desk how to use the safe and if items stolen from the safe are covered by the hotel. If not, ask if the hotel has a different, more secure area for you to store your items.

Alternatively, trust no one, and use a lock on your suitcase. This way, no one but your travel buddy will know how to open your bag, and hotel staff will not rummage through your things.

Out and About

While taking in all the sights, make sure to take care too. If you’re on a tropical vacation or a cruise excursion, it can be easy for a ring to slip off or for fine jewelry to become damaged. Avoid wearing any pieces of value in the ocean or during physical activity. Some travelers insist on only bringing fake or replica pieces abroad, and many couples invest in cheap, look-alike wedding bands for travel. We suggest leaving your culturedpearls or diamond studs at home, opting for comparable replacements, and saving the fine jewelry display for only important (and safe) events.

What are your tips for traveling in style? Stop by or call one of our locations to shop our jewelry cases, and ask your associate about proper care for all of your favorite jewelry during travel.

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