Supporting Your Soon-to-be Bride

Mother of the Bride Duties, Do’s and Don’ts

Where has the time gone? Your little girl who was just learning how to walk is now getting ready to walk down the aisle. The countdown to her big day begins, and while it’s certainly a moment to celebrate, it’s also a time to begin prepping the soon-to-be bride for her upcoming I do’s—that’s where you come in. But before you dive headfirst into the mother of the bride role, remember there’s a thin line between successfully supporting your daughter and overstepping your boundary. Don’t fret! Bailey’s located in Raleigh, Rocky Mount and Greenville has all the do’s and don’ts to ensure you become a BOSS at being a MOB. (Mother of the Bride)

The MOB Sweet Spot

Just like the bride-to-be, you’ve been fantasizing about this moment for years—creating a night you’ll never forget. However, it’s very important to remember that even though you play a huge role in her wedding journey, don’t forget this is her big day where her vision and dreams will come to life! We’re not saying to sit back and keep quiet—having your opinions and ideas are totally fine, and she will probably appreciate them, but knowing when to step in is key! Check out some of our top MOB do’s and don’ts:


  • Frequent check-ins.
  • Ask questions like “Is there anything I can help with?” and “How are things going?”
  • Help her stay organized, on-budget and on schedule.


  • Leave everything to her wedding planner. Your personal touch will mean a lot to her.
  • Say things like “this is how I would do it…” or “that’s not how I envisioned it.”
  • Add stress. Make her feel calm and supported at all times.

Engagement Party

First things first, celebrate! As the MOB, it’s your duty to plan and host the couple’s engagement party. This is the perfect excuse to get the entire family together to celebrate the soon-to-be couple as well as an opportunity for you and the bride to sit down together and discuss the potential wedding guests before you send out save the dates and invitations. Keep in mind, you typically invite everyone who attended the engagement party to the wedding, so start being choosy now!

Say “Yes” To Her Dress

Dress shopping: One of the most anticipated activities on the pre-wedding checklist. And like most MOB’s, you will play a big role in helping her choose the dress of her dreams. Whether it’s scanning her Pinterest board, or simply asking her, it’s important to know her style going in. Between lace, long, short or colored (yes, colored) the main thing to remember is that she is shopping for her dream dress—a dress that matches her style, taste, and vision. Your role during this day is to support her decision and make her feel confident in the dress she loves. MOB tip: If you don’t like one of the dress options, ask what she likes about the dress, and help her pull other styles that offer that same feature!

Wedding Traditions

Something old, something new, something borrowed…there are plenty of wedding traditions that have been around for some time. Weddings today are more modern, so as the mother of the bride, it’s important to help the bride honor tradition on her wedding day, and to make sure she has access to any family heirlooms she may want to incorporate on her big day.

The Day You’ve Been Prepping For

The sound of wedding bells are just hours away, and helping your daughter get ready on the morning of her big day is a time-honored tradition. Start the day off by surprising her with a sentimental gift. At Bailey’s located in Raleigh, Greenville, and Rocky Mount, we offer a wide variety of gifts that are perfect for her wedding day. From custom jewelry to beautiful giftware, browse our stunning selection for a surprise she’ll cherish forever.

As the day goes on, the most important thing to do is soak it in! It’s okay to take a moment and disentangle yourself from the roles, responsibilities, and expectations – remember to enjoy this wonderful time in your daughter’s life. To learn more about wedding necessities and jewelry, visit one of our four stores today!

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