Summer 2012 Trends

As summer approaches and everything around us in full bloom, it is time to make sure your jewelry collection is as vibrant and eye-catching as North Carolina’s azaleas.  Bailey’s Fine Jewelry is here to help you navigate the 2012 summer trends.

Colossal pieces with color

The theme of this summer is definitely “go big or go home!” From necklaces to rings, jewelry this season is going to be noticed for its size and striking color. Colors that have been dubbed exclusive for summer 2012 include tangerine, blue, yellow and gold.  These trends are all about adding some joy to your life, so be sure to have fun with your accessories this summer.

Bountiful Bangles

We saw bangles enter the scene this spring, but they are bigger than ever this summer. The rule with bangles is that there are no rules – the more, the better and mixing colors, shapes and textures is not only okay, it is encouraged!  Whether you love vibrant stones solid metal or leather, there is a bangle for every taste.  Let everyone know you are coming with a shake of your wrist this summer by jumping on this trend early.  The beauty of this trend is that you can mix and match different designers, but check out Ippolita’s collection for a huge selection of bangles to get you started.


What were once reserved to adorn curtains has now made the move to adorning ears and necks! Tassels are the third trend for this summer and there couldn’t be a better time to try out this new style. Whether you want them on a necklace or hanging from your ears, tasseled jewelry is a great way to add some pizzazz to an otherwise simple outfit. One of our newest designers, Ivanka Trump, has plenty of tassels to choose from. Beautiful pearl and diamond tassel earrings and gorgeous tassel necklaces can be found throughout her collection.

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