Romantic Dinner Ideas

There’s just something about a candle lit scene with soft music and a glass of wine that makes us feel enchanted. There’s something about trying new flavors and indulging together that brings us closer together – but to turn up the romance you don’t even need to leave the house! If you’re in the mood for love and food, we’ve got your romantic dinner ideas covered!

    1. Iron Chef: Suburbia

      Strap on your aprons and turn up the heat! Try an exotic recipe or a new twist on a favorite dish – anything you can explore and create together. Plan a menu, or order a meal subscription box like Blue Apron or Hello Fresh to get your creative chef juices flowing!

    2. Pampered Chef Style

      Do you ever want the best drinks, dessert and entree all the same night? For a truly indulgent experience, pick a few different places to try and marathon the dinner date! Start out with appetizers at a trendy gastro pub, move to a quiet, specialty restaurant for dinner, and end the evening with sweets and appartifs at a swanky dessert lounge. With the best of both worlds, how could you be disappointed?

    3. Back Yard Bistro

      What better way to treat your significant other than by setting up an at-home pop up restaurant? Decorate the living room with candles, or string market lights on the back patio for a romantic environment in your own space. Play waiter or sommelier and impress your date with your expansive knowledge on your hand-crafted menu items. The best part? Your date is definitely going home with you after dinner.

    4. Test Your Senses Together

      While we’re still waiting on one of these exclusive dining experiences to hit the East Coast, if you find yourself near a dine-in-the-dark or “senses” restaurant, go! These dining experiences are one-of-a-kind and are sure to open your mind and connect you to your instincts. You can also research how to recreate the experience at home, just don’t opt for a soup tasting while blindfolded.

    5. Stargaze with a Picnic

      One of the most romantic ways to spend an evening is by just enjoying each other’s company. Simple, intimate dates can show how much you care, by planning little details and making time for one another. Take a line right out of a country song: grab your quilt and your picnic basket and head to a riverbank to stare at the stars while sipping strawberry wine. How sweet!

    6. Local Tourists

      Since cities are always changing and the weekends are never long enough, there’s always something new to explore in your town! Spend the day on a walking tour or stroll through a local museum. If you’re pretty familiar with your town, take a short drive and find the best restaurant or attraction in a neighboring community. Top off your stay-cation with the highest rated restaurant or newest eatery you can find! Exploring together is always a good way to spice up the night.

    7. Love is Worth the Whisk

      Learn a new technique with your partner in crime. Try a new cuisine or book a date night pairing for a hands-on experience at Whisk! This locally owned and operated kitchen store offers a variety of cooking classes along with everything you need to get cookin’!

What are some of your romantic dinner ideas? Let us know about your favorite date spots in the Triangle area!

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