What Does Your Ring Say About You?

A new article on www.sheknows.com, suggests that your engagement ring or favorite ring says a lot about you. They called in experts to divulge what your ring is revealing about your personality. We’ve summarized the findings below.

A colorful stone ring

  1. Red: vibrant and active
  2. Orange: creative
  3. Pink: romantic and nurturing
  4. Turquoise: talkative and creative
  5. Pastel blue: great communicator
  6. Dark blue: wise, intelligent and intuitive
  7. Purple: mystical and intuitive

A princess cut ring… Princess cut ring lovers value chivalry and being treated like a lady.  They are typically glamorous and prefer things with a feminine touch.

A marquis cut ring… Women who prefer this type of ring tend to be direct and honest. She favors quality over quantity.

A heart shaped ring… These women are romantic and sweet.

An emerald shaped ring… Women who go for emerald shaped rings know what they want in life. They are sophisticated and often have perfectionist tendencies.

A family heirloom ring… Those who prefer a ring passed down through the family are sentimental and romantic.  They believe in true love.

A solitaire ring…  Brides that choose a solitaire ring are classic beauties that aren’t concerned with passing trends. They are traditionalists in most facets of life.

A multi-stone ring… Multi-stone rings often belong to bold and outgoing women. These women are flirty and aren’t afraid of a little extravagance!

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