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Meet Digging for Diamonds UNC Winners Lee and Kimberly!

lee and kimberly

Lee and Kimberly are the lovely couple who won Digging for Diamonds 2013 at UNC! We’ve loved this couple from the orchestrated flash mob engagement video to the adorable celebration when they won a $10,000 diamond at UNC.

We just had to know more about this couple and their love story so we asked them a few questions for a special Bailey’s Q&A!

1.    How long have you been together?

  • Over two years!

2.    Where and how did you meet?

  • We met at a mutual friend’s birthday dinner on September 9, 2011. Kimberly was the last person to arrive and the only seat left was next to me. We ended up talking for about two hours in the parking lot after dinner. I felt like we were already best friends and it was only natural to ask Kimberly for her number. It was the first time I had ever been so forward, but I knew she was special.

3.    What did you do for your first date?

  • We ended up on a marathon date lasting 14 hours. Two weeks after meeting her, Kimberly met me at the end of a ‘clothing giveaway’ event with my church. I took her out for a candlelit dinner, which included live music, steak, and red wine. Knowing she loved the outdoors, I found 2 trees and made a slackline to show off my balancing skills. We laughed under the stars for hours. I wrapped up the night by teaching her how to drive my manual car and singing a few songs with my guitar.

 4.    What celebrity or fictional couple are you most like?

  • Phil and Claire from Modern family. 100%.

5.    What is your favorite hobby to do together?

  • We like anything active, but especially running. Kimberly has recently picked up triathlons and competes for the NC State team. Lee tags along to the races and also runs with Kimberly to get more time with her.

6.    What’s your favorite quirk about the other person?

  • Lee: I love Kimberly’s obsession for 80’s dance music. ‘I Wanna Dance with somebody’ is her favorite tune.
  • Kimberly: Lee likes romantic comedies. My favorite movie genre is action. I love that we are the opposite of most couples when it comes to movie choice discussions.

 7.    Lee, we loved the flash mob proposal! Can you tell us more about how you came up with the idea?

  • Anyone who knows Kimberly knows she loves downtown Raleigh, dancing, lots of people, and surprises. I chose the Boylan Bridge because I wanted to ask Kimberly to be my wife in the exact spot I asked her to be my girlfriend about two years earlier. I recorded myself teaching the dance step-by-step and sent it out to all of our friends. I was actually very impressed with how well everyone learned the dance. We met, prayed, hoped for the best, danced, and then I asked my best friend to be my wife. She said, “of course”.

 8.    Kimberly, what did you think? Were you surprised by the proposal?

  • I could not have dreamt up that proposal with my best imagination. Lee obviously knows me so well because I loved everything about that evening. I was quite surprised because I thought I was just meeting some girlfriends at the brewpub and taking some pictures at sunset with the gorgeous Raleigh skyline. However as soon as I heard the music playing and noticed that the traffic was stopped, I knew Lee was up to something. It was perfect. I love our story.

 9.    What is your favorite holiday tradition together?

  • New Year’s Eve. Each year we want to spend New Years in a different state until we are old and gray and have been to all 50. This year we went to Nashville, Tennessee and enjoyed line dancing at the downtown bars! The Fray played in the street while we danced in the rain like fools.

10.  Any wedding plans?

  • Yes! Our anniversary for the rest of our lives will be May 31st. Keeping with our love of downtown Raleigh, our ceremony will be at the LongView Center which is across from City Market at Moore Square. The reception will be held at the NC Museum of History. We are so excited to throw a fantastic party to celebrate our love and covenant with God.

Congratulations and best wishes to this wonderful couple. We want to thank them for sharing their love story with us!

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