Heather Moore: Straight from the Heart Luxury Jewelry

“I have always been motivated to document the times in life that have made a true impact on your character. We are making an impression in metal, just like the story that you are documenting has made an impression in your life. You have to embrace those moments and Cherish Who You Are®.” – Heather Moore

Cherish Who You Are

Right now, take a moment and try to answer these questions:

Heather Moore One

What is your passion?

Who do you love?

What is your favorite quote?

The answers to these questions are just the start of your Heather Moore journey at Bailey’s! Heather Moore jewelry encourages you to ‘cherish who you are’ by creating personalized luxury jewelry that is uniquely you. Everyone has something or someone special to celebrate and this line allows you to share it!

“This is straight-from-the-heart, knockout jewelry,” said Nancy Holt, Bailey’s sales associate. “It is a one of a kind keepsake from your heart because you created it.”

Straight from the Heart Heather Moore Story

Nancy shared a touching story of how one daughter’s love for her father inspired a Heather Moore piece. After losing her father to cancer, one woman chose to honor her his memory with a Heather Moore customized piece. She wanted to create something to share with her sisters that would honor this loving father’s memory now and for generations to come. In every birthday, graduation and Christmas card he would sign “Love always, Dad”. This was a cherished memory that she and her sisters never wanted to forget and was the inspiration for her unique Heather Moore piece.

Heather Moore took the signature directly from a card he had signed, and used a freehand technique to hand stamp their father’s handwriting onto a custom designed necklace she could have close to her heart always. This one-of-a-kind piece of jewelry tied the sisters together forever in a personalized tribute to the father they loved.

Get Started Designing your Piece at Bailey’s

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Bailey’s is excited to help you design a one-of-a-kind piece that honors your unique story and special memories. The first stop on your Heather Moore journey is at Bailey’s Cameron Village location where our sales associates will help you in every step of the designing process, from brainstorming an idea to creating the final piece. The options for elegant customized pieces are only limited by your imagination!

Learn More about Heather Moore

Heather Moore began designing jewelry nearly two decades ago and has evolved into one of the finest personalized collections in the luxury market. Each piece is created in the USA using a freehand technique where each character is individually hand stamped. Pieces come in sterling silver and yellow, rose, white, and green gold and can be customized using selected other materials as well.

It takes about approximately 5 weeks for your piece to come alive so be sure to stop at Bailey’s to design your custom piece before the holiday season!

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