Halloween: How to Put the Haunt in Your House

Make your house stand out like a haunted mansion this Halloween. Little trick or treaters will be intrigued by the mystery of your festive decorations!

mjVRREQvqYZ2yySGdH6XlaQFake spider webs are always a good place to start. Made up of cotton and other synthetic material, they can be stretched and molded to however you want them to look. Stretch the web over doors, windows, and any other surface that seems appropriate. Grab a pack of little plastic spiders and wedge them here and there to make them look even more realistic.

If you really want to give guests a fright, find some creepy looking rubber animals to hide in your lawn. Snakes and rats creeping in the grass will be sure to scare their socks off!

If you d1f638da33c26df933657db1a543f7f79on’t want to frighten guests with rubber critters, jack o’ lanterns are the way to go. They are fun to create and at night they brighten up your house with a soft orange glow. If carving isn’t your thing, then you can dress a pumpkin up with paint and a witch’s hat.

Lastly, dancing lawn ghosts are cute and super easy to make. All you need is a Styrofoam ball, tall garden or fence stake, and white fabric. Poke the Styrofoam ball with the stake and cover with white fabric, or if it is see-through use a few layers of fabric. Place them around your lawn at different spots, or tie their “hands” together and have them dance in a circle! Feel free to draw faces on them with black sharpie.



Happy Halloween!

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