Bailey’s Love Tips: Marriage Podcasts 

Marriage Advice Through Podcasts 

For this month’s Bailey’s Love Tips, we want to share our favorite marriage advice podcasts that can help you navigate the crazy world of wedded bliss. 

We take being in the love business seriously and understand that no relationship is perfect and at times we need some help from outside sources. Whether you are just looking for some pointers to improve small things or are going through a rough patch in your marriage, these podcasts may help. 

Anatomy of Marriage

Anatomy of Marriage is a raw, honest look at how to live and love with another person, ran by husband and wife team, Melanie and Seth Studley.

Seth is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist and Melanie is a professional audio engineer and the producer of the podcast. Together they share the story of how they fixed their own nearly-failed 13-year marriage to help couples realize that they are not alone. 

They rethink some of the biggest topics in marriage like communication, expectations, mental health and divorce, and then talk through those ideas with amazing professionals in the marriage space. For a gripping and helpful listen, add their podcast to your queue.

Confessions of a Terrible Husband

You don’t learn from your successes but your failures, or maybe you can take notes from others. This personal journal by Nick Pavlidis and contributing experts, offer some deep introspection and simple but powerful lessons on being married. Nick invites you to join their commitment to continuous improvement and personal accountability in marriage by tuning into the show. He goes over topics like “Are Your Friends Hurting Your Marriage?” And has special guests going over things like “Work-Life Balance with Tony Dungy”. Men, this one is really geared more towards you but women, you could also get some great insights from Confessions of a Terrible Husband. 

The Stupendous Marriage Show

A wife and husband talk about the hardest parts of being married and open the conversation up to the world. Taking questions from audience members and inviting guests on, Lisa and Stu Gray offer some great advice. You can expect topics like “Is It My Job to Make My Spouse Better?” and “Self Care When It Gets Hectic”.

If you are looking to be inspired to continue working on your faith and your marriage, check out The Stupendous Marriage Show.

First Year Married

Newlyweds, this one is for you! The First Year Marriage Show is a podcast dedicated to helping newlyweds navigate their first year of marriage. Marcus and Ashley Kusi talk about financial, medical, and legal navigation as a couple as well as how to remain a team through a tough year. Inviting other couples on and sharing research, this podcast is a great resource for new marriages. You can catch episodes like “Your Husband Doesn’t Need To Tell You How He Feels” and “Critical Parents”. If you are newly married or not even quite there yet, First Year Married can be a great resource. 

Marriage can be hard, but well worth the work we put into it. We hope you discover some helpful marriage tips in one of these podcasts. Let us know if you have a favorite we should share next time! 

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