Bailey’s Inaugural Hero Awards

There are heroes among us – and you probably know a few! They make daily sacrifices, putting in countless hours and often risk their lives. These brave men and women – firefighters, police officers and emergency medical responders – dedicate their lives and their time to one objective: keeping us safe.

Here at Bailey’s, the happiness and health of the communities we serve is very important to us. We want to recognize the people that provide our communities with safety and security each and every day.

To show our appreciation for these brave individuals, Bailey’s is proud to announce that we are honoring North Carolina first responders in our inaugural Hero Awards! The awards will recognize nine heroes, one from each of the three main types of first responders – fire, law enforcement and emergency personnel – in Raleigh, Rocky Mount and Greenville and the surrounding areas.

Nominations opened July 1 and will close Aug. 12. We strongly encourage you to nominate the special heroes in your community!  Nominees’ professions must fall under the category of first responder, and they must serve in Raleigh, Rocky Mount, Greenville or surrounding areas. Nominations can be made via Facebook and there is a limit of one entry per Facebook account.

After all submissions are received, you will have an opportunity to vote for the candidates until the voting period ends Aug. 22. Winners of the Hero Awards will be selected through a combination of the public voting process and Bailey’s selection panel, so be sure to cast your vote! The winners will receive a medal and $200 gift card in a presentation with the Bailey’s store manager.

Show your appreciation for the brave men and women in your community and be sure to vote for the hero that you would like to see honored!

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