2020 Engagement Ring Trends

Whether you’re trying to pick the perfect engagement ring for your special someone, or just trying to nail down your personal favorite style, take a look at our handy guide below. We’ve rounded up all the info you need on 2020’s biggest bridal trends. Now all you have to do is pick your favorites!


Composed of a single center diamond and simple setting, solitaires are timeless beauties that let the diamond shine. This style of ring is popular right now but, no matter if it’s 1920, 2020, or 3020, you can always wear a solitaire. 

Round, cushion, square, oval, pear, or whatever suits your fancy, solitaires can have a diamond of any shape. With this simple setting, it’s easy to create a unique look all your own; customize your bridal set with wedding bands. Choose one, two, or three! Add different colored or shaped stones, the possibilities are endless! You can even add in an heirloom or antique band that has been passed down by a loved one, or treasure-hunted from our estate jewelry collection. Bands are a great compliment to a solitaire ring and the perfect way to show off your personality.

Wedding Bands

Speaking of wedding bands, they are important to think about no matter what engagement ring you choose. Make sure you pick a wedding band you love all on its own, even without your engagement ring. Throughout your life, you’ll have many occasions where you will end up wearing your band solo, so it’s important to pick one (or a few!) you really love. 

Bands are also a great way to let your uniqueness and personality shine. Add a pop of color by adding different gemstones (#1) or add some vintage flair with an antique piece. Go for a diamond focused scalloped look with a single prong band (#3), or go for a seamless, delicate look with a shared prong style (#4). If you have an active lifestyle you might want to consider a channel set band for added comfort (#2). There is a band for every look and every kind of bride!


In the halo setting, the center diamond is framed all the way around by smaller diamonds or a “halo.” The center diamond can be any shape and the surrounding diamonds add a bit more sparkle. The resulting effect gives the ring a bigger look! Most any band can fit flush to the halo style making it not only beautiful but practical as well. 

You can go with a more traditional take on the halo. Which consists of smaller diamonds that hug tight to the center diamond, bringing more attention to it. 

Or you can mix it up and go for a more modern version of the setting. This version of the halo setting features bigger diamonds in the halo and gives more attention to the surrounding diamonds, rather than just keeping the focus on the center stone. These rings are sure to make a big statement!

If you’re really into the halo look, you can even add a double halo for even more glam! There is no such thing as too many diamonds. 

Three Stone

This classic look has made a well-deserved comeback. Why have one diamond, when you could have three? Megan Markle agrees! The (former) Duchess of Sussex herself wears a three-stone engagement ring. See our Bailey’s Custom Workshop replica of her ring below!

Recently, we’ve seen a spike in rings with side stones that are a different shape or size than the center stone. You can even go with sapphires or emeralds (or anything you like) as side stones. It’s up to you! 

Three stone rings pair well with curved bands that allow your rings to sit flat against each other even with multiple stones. 

One modern meets traditional take on this look is an emerald cut diamond with tapered baguettes. This beautiful look will last through any trend and is sure to take your breath away.

For a more vintage option, go with three stones that are similar in size.


Engagement rings with oval cut diamonds are flying off our shelves. You can even find them on celebrities like Hailey Bieber and Julianne Hough. Oval cut diamonds add a modern twist to any classic look. Plus, their elongated shape can make fingers appear longer and thinner! 

Ovals look great on their own, in a halo, or with side stones! They are also the perfect shape for band stones as they create a lovely scalloped look when side by side!

Yellow Gold

We have been seeing yellow gold more and more in fashion jewelry, but recently yellow gold has been making its way to bridal, and we are big fans! We love the way the warm tone of yellow gold compliments the cool tones of a diamond. Yellow gold adds a bit of class to any engagement look and is even worn by Lauren Conrad! 

Estate & Antique

Estate and antique rings are perfect for lovers of all things unique and eccentric. We have a fantastic, hand-picked collection of antique and estate jewelry on hand.   And we can also create an antique-inspired custom engagement ring, incorporating all the things you love. An antique ring is a great way to make a bold fashion statement or add a bit of flair to your everyday look. 


At Bailey’s, we love nothing more than creating jewelry that tells your love story. Simply gather some inspiration for your ring and meet with one of our expert jewelers to discuss your vision. From there we will craft a 3D model of the ring for you to review. Once you approve the model we will cast the ring, set each stone by hand, and polish up the ring of your dreams! You can learn more about our custom ring design process here.

With a custom engagement ring, the possibilities are endless. Yellow diamonds, pink diamonds, sapphires, we can fashion any stone into your ring. We can also upgrade, re-set, or add to an heirloom ring or engrave a sweet message for your fiance-to-be. 

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