China Care

China Care

Caring For Your China

The wonder of china is that it is so durable while looking so frail and delicate. It’s stronger and less likely to chip than most of the materials used in everyday patterns. You can use you china for every meal and with a few simple guidelines it will look as wonderful when your grandchildren serve from it as it did the day you opened the wedding gift from Bailey’s.

Remember to keep china out of the microwave if it has gold or platinum trim. When you warm your plates before serving, make sure the oven is set below 100 degrees. Also, only cook in china when it is specifically designed and marked as oven-safe.

Washing Your China

Hand wash you china whenever possible. Use a mild detergent and stay away from citrus-based soaps. Put a rubber mat or dishtowel in the sink, and never use steel wool. Air dry your china on a rack or wipe it with a soft cloth. If you must use the dishwasher, do not overload it. Set the machine on the cooler setting. Remember, each time your plates go into the dishwasher, they lose a little luster.

Storing Your China

When you store your china, put a napkin, paper towel, or coffee filter between each plate to avoid scratching. Do not stack higher than two cups because it places strains on the handles. Cup hooks are the best option.