Glashütte Original

Glashütte Original

German Watchmaking Art Since 1845

In the heart of the German town of Glashütte lies the bright and modern manufactory of Glashütte Original. Thanks to an exceptional production depth, the company is able to design and produce its timepieces almost entirely in-house. Glashütte Original upholds a tradition of more than 175 years in which handcrafted perfection and select materials are combined today with state-of-the-art production technologies.

Glashütte Original stands for innovative German watchmaking at the highest level. As an authentic manufactory in the prestige segment of the market, it unites German watchmaking art and future-oriented production methods under one roof; producing up to 95 percent of all watch components in-house. The brand belongs to a select circle of watch manufacturers that have an in-house dial production. Whether it is the cutting of dial blanks, the application of wafer-thin layers of lacquer or the precise cutting of indexes: all these steps require a great deal of experience.

Senator Collection 

These technically sophisticated timepieces from Glashütte Original are an expression of authentic German engineering art. Here, mechanical complexity meets traditional elements and functional timeless design.

Pano Collection

With their asymmetrical dial design, these innovative models lend a distinctive face to the watchmaking art of Glashütte Original. They embody a refined synthesis of Saxon craftsmanship and modern, technically inspired aesthetics.

Spezialist Collection

The timepieces in the Spezialist Collection offer maximum precision under and above water. Inspired by the first Glashütte diver’s watch, the SeaQ models from Glashütte Original are reliable companions for adventures of all kinds.

Vintage Collection

The exciting 1960s and 1970s are the inspiration for Glashütte Original’s retro classics. The stylish models are modern interpretations of the two dynamic decades that changed the world forever.

Ladies Collection

Inner and outer beauty are a timeless commitment at Glashütte Original. Delicate, shimmering dials, refined colour combinations, feminine forms and playful details give ladies’ models their irresistible charm.

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