Bailey's Custom Ring DesignsWhat type of style do you want? Next time you are with your significant other make note of the type of jewelry they are wearing and try to determine their style. For example, do they have simple taste or do they like to wear unique pieces? Do they wear a lot of white or yellow gold? What style of rings do you think look good on their fingers? For instance, would a thin band or a thick band look better on their ring finger? This type of information will be helpful to have in mind while you are searching for the perfect ring.

Know your budget or at least have a range in mind of what you want to pay. This will allow our team to show you a variety of diamonds and settings within your budget from the very start.

Don’t like doing this alone? Bring a family member or close friend who you trust and who will give you an honest opinion. Some couples even like to bring in their significant other so they can pick out the ring together. Do what makes you comfortable.

Check out some of the different designers Bailey’s Fine Jewelry carries and see if a particular one stands out to you.

Don’t get overwhelmed and enjoy the process! Our staff will make sure it’s a pleasant experience.

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