Buying Guide

Buying Guide

baileys-benefitsBailey’s is one of the nation’s leading diamond retailers. We offer one of the country’s largest selections of diamonds and uniquely beautiful diamond rings. We hand-select all of our diamonds and each one is inspected in our AGS Accredited Gem Lab for verification. We simply will not buy a diamond without looking at it first. In fact, we reject nine out of ten diamonds that we examine.

We have a love and passion for beautiful diamonds and as partners with the leading diamond dealers in the world, we are the first tier of the diamond distribution channel. Diamonds are mined, cut and sent directly to Bailey’s. When you buy a diamond from Bailey’s, you are buying the finest quality diamond obtainable at the best price possible.

How Diamonds are Formed

rough-diamondDiamonds are formed in the earth’s mantle between 90-120 miles below the earth’s surface where the heat and pressure combine perfectly to transform pure carbon into the hardest substance known to man. It is volcanic activity that brings the diamonds to the earth’s surface and by the time they reach the cutting plant, they can be over 1 billion years old!

The Miners and Cutters

Today about half of the world’s diamonds come from DeBeers (formerly DTC) and the other half come from various mining companies around the globe. And while Southern Africa is still the largest producer, diamonds are also mined in Australia, Russia, South America, and Canada. Contrary to popular belief, the diamond business is not a monopoly, but a highly competitive industry with prices set by trading markets around the world.

The 4 C’s

Cut refers not to the shape of the diamond but to the proportions and symmetry of the diamond. It is in the art of cutting and polishing that a diamond truly achieves its greatness. Only with the precision and skill of the world’s finest cutters are truly fine diamonds produced. More.

Diamond Facts

Most diamonds, found in nature, were formed 1 billion to 3 billion years ago due to extreme heat and pressure. These diamonds were formed 90 to 120 miles below the surface of the Earth. Volcanic activity brings diamond crystals much closer to the earth’s surface. More.

Conflict Free Diamonds

Conflict diamonds are rough diamonds that are used by rebel movements to finance wars against legitimate governments. It is of utmost importance to Bailey’s Fine Jewelry that we do not deal in any way with this practice. More.

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