Lifetime Limited Diamond Warranty

Jewelry is very delicate and requires regular maintenance to assure it for the next generation. Bailey’s offers an amazing lifetime warranty. if you bought your diamond at Bailey’s it’s guaranteed, it’s just that simple. All your maintenance is free for life! Provided that:

  1. Your piece is inspected and serviced by Bailey’s at least every 4 months and service date is recorded on your guarantee.
  2. Your piece has not been subjected to an accident or abnormal wear.
  3. Repairs to piece as needed or recommended by Bailey’s have been promptly made.

Replacement parts such as heads and shanks are not covered under warranty. After many years of wear, a ring may need a new head, a new shank, or possibly a new mounting. this is just the cost of preserving a valuable heirloom.

Failure to record inspections and recommended repairs will void this warranty.

Your center diamond is guaranteed against loss for 12 months if caused by a mounting defect. the maximum amount of any diamond guaranteed against loss within the 12-month period will not exceed $20,000 purchase price. We highly recommend you insure this significant purchase.

Diamonds are not indestructible. a sudden blow can chip or crack your diamond. we cannot be responsible should this accident occur and your Lifetime Limited Warranty does not cover this. Bailey’s recommends you insure your diamond. The best policy covers accidental loss or damage, theft, and mysterious disappearance. consult your insurance agent for proper coverage.

*Lab Grown Diamonds are excluded from Bailey’s Trade-ins and Upgrades. The trade-in value is equal to the price paid for the diamond(s) only. Excludes value of the mounting, sales tax, and side-stones less than .25 carats each. Diamonds that Bailey’s would not ordinarily stock will be excluded from trade-in privileges.

Inspection Schedule:

To maintain warranty, your diamond must be inspected and serviced by Bailey’s at least every 4 months and service date recorded on your guarantee. Refer to this chart for your inspection schedule:

January May, September, January
February June, October, February
March July, November, March
April August, December, April
May September, January, May
June October, February, June
July November, March, July
August December, April, August
September January, May, September
October February, June, October
November March, July, November
December April, August, December

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