There’s Love

We just wrapped up our first YouTube Video contest and we are thrilled to announce the winner, Cameron Mitchell, with his video “There’s Love.”A Singer and songwriter from Apex, Cameron spent over 40 man hours creating the still shots to create “jewelry in motion” for his video entry. While we received over 100 entries, all of which were very unique and that we loved watching, Cameron’s entry was a one-of-a-kind depiction of why he loves Bailey’s – It was SO creative!

The contest started several months ago, when we asked Bailey’s patrons to e-mail us YouTube videos creatively explaining why they loved Bailey’s. It truly was a hard contest to judge, as we received so many great entries. From videos explaining why men loved Bailey’s, why grandmother’s loved Bailey’s and numerous proposal stories, we were overwhelmed (sounds a little more positive)with funny and touching stories about what Bailey’s means to our patrons. We felt incredibly blessed as we watched each entry.

After watching all of the videos several times and getting our staff to vote as well, we narrowed the videos down to the “Top 10” to put out to the public on our website, to let you help vote, too! After thousands of votes from friends and fans, the voting came to a close with a clear winner in the lead… Cameron Mitchell with “There’s Love.” The title of this video seems so fitting for the contest. THERE obviously IS LOVE surrounding Cameron and his girlfriend and it is clear they LOVE Bailey’s. We were so thrilled to make the winning phone call to Cameron informing him that he was the grand prize winner. Cameron and his parents came to the store this past Saturday to pick up the $5,000 diamond ring!

Check out Cameron’s “making the video” pictures here, as well as the shots we took as we awarded him the ring. Also, be sure to watch Cameron’s winning video, “There’s Love!”

We want to thank each contestant that entered the contest for all of your hard work and kind words in your entries. Some made us laugh, and some left us almost in tears, but all in all…it was a great contest and we were thrilled with the results. Congratulations to Cameron and his family, and we wish them many years of happiness and love from Bailey’s!

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