Tesla and TAG Heuer Fun

We know jewelry shopping can be a little less than thrilling for most men.  While men love to make their wives, daughters, sisters and mothers happy, tagging along on a shopping trip isn’t always at the top of a guy’s “To Do” list.  We try to make jewelry shopping bearable for men by providing comfortable chairs, a hi-def television, and beverages and snacks galore, (not to mention some great watches and other pieces for men), but let’s face it, it’s still usually a day for the women in the family.  We thought the tables would turn and the men would get to enjoy a day at Bailey’s when the high-performance, collector’s item Tesla Roadster came to Raleigh a couple of weeks ago.

The Tesla Roadster is the world’s only highway capable electric vehicle and reaches 60 mph in 3.7 seconds.  It’s twice as energy efficient as most hybrids and can travel 245 miles on a charge from a standard plug!  The most important part though – the Tesla is good looking.  By the end of the day, we all wanted one of these sleek and sporty, electric vehicles.

Tesla came to Bailey’s as part of a partnership with innovative watchmaker TAG Heuer in honor of TAG’s 150th year in business.  Throughout the day Bailey’s patrons got to test drive the Tesla, check out the new line of TAG Heuer watches and sample food from fellow Cameron Village vendor Café Caturra.

At one point during the day I saw a man standing by himself looking off into the distance.  When I approached him he said, “My wife left for a test drive over 30 minutes ago.  I’m afraid she’s not coming back.  I want MY turn to test drive the Tesla!”

It looks like the Tesla TAG Heuer event was a day for the whole family!

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