It Takes a Village!

When I sat down to write this blog, the perfect title hit me – “It Takes a Village!” Over the past month, we have had a Bailey’s Castle in front of our store in Cameron Village – perhaps you have seen it!  The castle came to fruition over the past several months. The Frankie Lemmon Foundation teamed up with Cameron Village, Stock Building Supply and numerous other generous organizations, to create the “Playhouse Parade.” Their goal was to raise awareness about children with disabilities, but also to raise funds to build the Sassafras All Children’s Playground, a playground where typically developing children and children with disabilities can play alongside each other, both having the same wonderful life experiences.

They asked for 12 playhouse sponsors and Bailey’s was proud to be one of them. Our playhouse was a castle featuring Bailey’s black and white signature stripes, a bright red door, neat turret and climbing wall, etc. Stock Building Supply built the structure and an interior designer tackled the rest – it looked awesome! For the month of October, the playhouses were displayed all around Cameron Village for shoppers to see and for kids to play in. Kids climbed in our castle as we passed out tiaras and inflatable swords. Fun was had by all!

This past Saturday night was the end of the Playhouse Parade, leading up to the Auction and Gala. It went great! There was a huge turnout, the tent was gorgeous and all of the playhouses were displayed together. Our castle actually sold twice! Two different people liked it so much that after it sold the first time, the builders generously offered to build it again! We could not have been more thrilled.

Part of what makes working at Bailey’s so great is our incredible team of people. I stood at the Gala with six other employees, all wanting to come and donate their time toward a good cause. Giving back is what it is all about.  Over the past month, whether you spotted one of our team members at the Hope Gala in Raleigh, the Chef’s Auction in Greenville or at the Kids N Community Event with the Hurricane, you can see we love what we do and we loving giving back to our communities. It is a lot of fun, but the real fun comes from knowing that someone’s life is going to be changed for the better because of wonderful charities, such as the Frankie Lemmon Foundation. We want to thank Traci, Kim, Mary Ann, Pat and everyone else for letting us be involved.

Sometimes, it truly “takes a village!”

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