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A Rainy Day Turns into a SPARKLING One!

Last Saturday, Nov. 6th, the Bailey Box Mobile arrived to the 2nd Annual Bailey’s Ultimate Finders Keepers at Lichtin Plaza in front of the Progress Energy Center for the Performing Arts in downtown Raleigh. What could have been a rainy, cold day turned into a much warmer, SPARKLING day several hours later. The participants arrived. Theychecked in, eyed their competition, received their red Bailey’s t-shirts and prepared for the pursuit of the $15,000 Passion Cut™diamond ring from Bailey’s. The weather was a bit cold and wet, but the energy in the air kept the crowd engaged and excited. As we explained the rules (and sky looked like it might drop), the excitement mounted. At noon, the race was off! Bikes, runners and scooters were everywhere. Everyone seemed to have their own perfect way of getting around and planning their hunt through the downtown blocks of Raleigh.

At the conclusion of the race, everyone headed back to Bailey’s in Cameron Village for the after party. A large white tent, alongside the Bailey’s limousine, awaited the crowd at the store. Inside the tent housed wonderful food, drinks, a DJ and lots of surprises (including the scores from the game!).

The contestants ate, chatted and tried to catch their breath after the two hour race around the city of Raleigh. Bailey’s awarded prizes to the oldest contestants, worst scoring contestants, and then of course, third, second and first place! Prizes including a Michael Kors watch and a David Yurman ring were given as the runner up prizes. While the runner up prizes were great, everyone was dying to know who had the most points…and more importantly who was going home with a $15,000 ring from Bailey’s!

Scvngr, the company who helps Bailey’s with these events, actually has the technology to find out who has the most points by their phone number, and calls the winning couple’s phone on the microphone at the front of the crowd. Everyone is silent in anticipation. The phone rings and screams of excitement are heard from the back of the crowd.

The winners of the ring were just as thrilled as we were. Jeremy Wang and Darby Keller, who have been dating for four and a half years were the lucky couple in love that day! The two began dating in high school and have been happy together ever since. The sun had since come out and the ring was sparkling, along with the couple’s faces! What a wonderful story. Two deserving people, in love, ran a great race and can remember this day forever. Most importantly, they did it together.

Every Woman Wants a Bailey Box, and that is exactly what Darby got last Saturday!

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