Huge Shipment of Beautiful Diamonds – Just In Time for Christmas!

My dad, Clyde, and I just got back from a great trip buying over a half a million dollars of diamonds for the holiday season.  We always LOVE hand-picking diamonds for our patrons.  Each diamond has its own personality and it is so important to look at every diamond before you buy it.  That goes for you and for us.

In fact, I was educated at the world’s foremost authority in Gemology, the Gemological Institute of America. The first thing my professor taught me on the very first day of class was to NEVER buy a diamond based on its lab report (certificate).  Every diamond has its own “look.”  Two diamonds with virtually the exact quality grade can look totally different to the naked eye, even to the novice.   Physical appearance is just one important reason why you should never buy a diamond online.  You simply have to look and compare diamonds before you decide on one.

Bailey’s is one of the largest diamond stores in the United States. Our diamonds are handpicked direct from the leading mines in the world.  They are then sent STRAIGHT to the VERY best diamond cutters on the planet to be cut and polished to the EXACT, STRICT standards of my family.  This is one reason why Bailey’s is recognized not only as THE BEST jeweler in the Triangle, but also one of the best jewelers in America!  And I am proud to say that all these accolades are from a locally, family owned business!

We have High Quality, Certified diamonds at DIRECT prices.  All of our diamonds are ethically sourced from Non Conflict areas of the world.  My family ONLY brings you diamonds that are environmentally and socially responsible.  There are NO EXCEPTIONS to this rule.   You can have confidence that when you buy your jewelry from Bailey’s, you are getting the very best!

So come see our new collection of round diamonds, cushion diamonds, princess diamonds, and many more beautiful diamond shapes this holiday season. Remember, every woman wants a Bailey Box under the tree! From our family to yours.

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