Fall and Winter Jewelry Trends for 2011

The thing we love most about the changing seasons? New jewelry trends!

Opaque stones, stud earrings and gold pieces are the favorite looks among top designers as the temperatures begin to drop.

Also popular for the upcoming fall and winter seasons are layered bracelets and necklaces. Stacking colorful bracelets with glitzy bangles is a fun way to embrace this new trend. We also like mixing metals to create an interesting look – yes, you CAN wear gold and silver together!

Try layering necklaces with chains of varying lengths and stones in complementary colors or go for a bold look by pairing statement necklaces.

With our estate collection, Bailey’s is ready to welcome another hot new jewelry trend this fall. Vintage jewelry has become wildly popular, especially Victorian pieces and retro designs. We’re eager to show off the new additions to our estate collection, so come check us out!

Regardless of styles and trends, diamonds are classic and will never go out of style. Bailey’s has one of the finest and largest diamond collections in the country. Our diamonds are hand-selected by one of our 10 graduate gemologists and only one out of 10 diamonds examined is selected to become part of our collection. Bailey’s diamonds are ethically mined, meaning we do not purchase “conflict diamonds” or diamonds used by rebel movements to finance wars against legitimate governments. Bailey’s sells only the highest quality diamonds and takes pride in being one of the nation’s leading diamond retailers.

As the leaves change, so do jewelry trends. How will you stay stylish this fall?

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