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Crystal Care


Don’t be intimidated by exquisite crystal-cherish and enjoy it! Serve the morning orange juice in a champagne flute, spoon a rich chocolate mousse into brandy sniffers. What about a fresh fruit salad presented in the cosmopolitan vee of a martini glass? Yes, each piece of stemware has a formal and traditional purpose, but unless you’re the Queen of England, you can have a bit more fun. Use your crystal everyday to make every meal special!


Put a dish cloth or rubber mat in your sink before you wash your crystal so that there is a lesser chance of it chipping. For perfect care, wash one at a time. Add a touch of vinegar to warm water to enhance the sparkle. Use a gentle detergent, and stay away from steel wool or hard abrasives. Rinse with warm water and dry with a soft cloth. Dishwashing isn’t recommended, especially if your crystal has gold or platinum rims. Hold glasses by the bowls (not the stem or the foot) when washing and storing. Also store your glasses right side up. Leave a hair’s breadth of room between rims on the shelf.

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