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Bailey’s Custom Jewelry Design. The Personalized Experience.

The People Behind the Designs.

Showcase your personality, unique style or love for someone special with Bailey’s custom jewelry design services. We take you step-by-step through the design process so you can turn your creative vision into a dazzling reality! But how do you begin the process? Great question! We’ll set you up with one of our qualified designers to help lead you to your perfect piece!

Meet Gerret Smith!

“The best part of being a designer is asking all the discovering questions to find out the style the patron prefers so I can then bring it to life.”

Custom Jewelry and Personalized Jewelry

Gerret has been a custom jewelry designer at Bailey’s in Greenville for 2 years in November. He describes his design style as durable, breathtaking and meaningful—three things he incorporates into each piece he designs. What’s his favorite type of jewelry to create? He specializes in designing pieces of jewelry that have a contemporary feel while keeping his customer’s vision in full focus. Learn more about Gerret and his custom jewelry design process below!

What would you say the Bailey’s Difference is?

Here at Bailey’s we do NOT sacrifice quality or cut corners when making your custom piece of jewelry.

What advice would you give to a customer who is customizing his or her jewelry for the first time?

Take your time when choosing the design so that you are 100% satisfied when you are done with your one-on-one consultation.

Do you create pieces from scratch or redesign existing jewelry?

I love to start from scratch so we are working with a fresh canvas with nothing holding myself or the patron back from any possibilities.

Which step in the custom jewelry making process is most important as a designer?

Listening to the patron and making sure you are touching all of the key factors when designing the piece of jewelry.

What type of experience do you strive to give your customers?

I want to make them walk out and think “Wow! That was just too easy!” I want them to know they are in good hands and they have nothing to worry about.

What role does the customer play throughout the jewelry making process?

The patrons have the biggest role as far as I am concerned. Once I have an idea and the vision of what they want then it’s just smooth sailing from there.

How do you present the final design to your customer?

I will make sure that I will be in the store and have it in a Bailey’s bag with tissue so they have something to open when they get here. Even if it was their idea and they did it for themselves, who doesn’t want to open a Bailey Box?

What has been your favorite customer reaction thus far?

I sent over a rendering of a jewelry piece through email and the patron said “I absolutely love the piece but there is one problem with it. Can you please put your name on the inside of the ring? If you do that then it will be perfect!” I felt so humbled and honored that someone would want my name in their ring.

In our workshop, we’re proud to provide our patrons with award-winning designers and talented jewelers that use the very latest in design and production technologies. Our promise is to go above and beyond to ensure you are 100% satisfied with not only your finished product but your overall experience as well. Interested in customizing a piece of jewelry? Contact your nearest Bailey’s location today!

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