Custom Ring Design

at Bailey's Workshop

Meet the Craftsmen

The heart and soul of Bailey’s Fine Jewelry is our workshop. We offer an in-house custom ring design service where you can team up with one of our award winning designers to create a one of a kind engagement ring or wedding band.

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The Bailey's Workshop.

Our studio is filled with wall to wall sketches, computer generated styles and pictures of past generations of Bailey’s designs. On their desks and in their portfolios are hundreds of designs at different stages of the process from which they use to draw inspiration.The reality of designing from scratch is that before a piece makes it to your hands, it has been subjected to a rigorous design process and potentially dozens of iterations. At Bailey’s, each piece has been created with quality, and craftsmanship.

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Our Process

We go through a multistep process to ensure your vision comes to life. Using sketching & CAD renderings we create the perfect ring for you.

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